Alpha Sigma Chapter -
Phi Delta Chi Memorial Scholarship

Each year since 2004 the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy Scholarship Committee has selected a student(s) to receive the PDC Memorial Scholarship. This selection is done anonymously to remove all bias.

The selected (P3) student recipient of the scholarship must be an active member in good standing of Alpha Sigma Chapter (UIC) of Phi Delta Chi Fraternity who has participated in a chapter committee and/or served as a chapter officer and who has a reputation for community service, professionalism and leadership.
The scholarship is a cash award that will aid and assist a third year pharmacy student entering the last year of Pharmacy school.

List of Scholarship Recipients

If you would like to donate to the Phi Delta Chi Memorial Scholarship Fund at the College of Pharmacy, please click on the secure link below.
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Phi Delta Chi Memorial Scholarship #772143.
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One of the inevitabilities of "Life" is the loss of people close to us. When this happens it is a solemn and sad event regardless if it was a friend or family member. The passing of a Phi Delta Chi Brother is the passing of someone who is friend and family.
The memory of Brothers who have passed on is important to our Alumni Association. This was a major inspiration for the association's initial development and it's continuing motivation behind the management and funding of the memorial scholarship.


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