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We are the Alpha Sigma Alumni Chapter of the Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity. While we are based primarily out of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy (UICCOP) (as is the Alpha Sigma Collegiate Chapter), we represent a union of all local Phi Delta Chi Alumni, graduating from any school, and from any chapter who either works, resides in, or generally enjoys the Chicagoland area.

Our chapter was founded on November 10, 1996 with the charge to:

  • Promote the overall interests of the profession of pharmacy
  • Assist graduating Phi Delta Chi brothers in their transition from collegiate to alumni status, by demonstrating that brotherhood does not end at graduation
  • Assist the collegiate chapter in their functions and operations as it relates to activities on and off the UICCOP campus

The Alpha Sigma Alumni Chapter's Charter Members:

Elena Bay (Alpha Sigma 690), Richard Browne (Alpha Sigma 623),
Harry Jablonski, Jr.
(Alpha Sigma 559), Paula Jezek (Alpha Sigma 678), Ronald Koch (Alpha Sigma 382), Kimberly Landini (Alpha Sigma 691),
Paul Landini
(Alpha Eta Chapter #540), Ward Lenart (Alpha Sigma 600), Nicolette Magdalinos (Alpha Sigma 698), James O'Donnell (Alpha Sigma 319), Alfred Ottolino (Alpha Sigma 583), Jeffery Prescott (Alpha Sigma 662), Anthony Rogers (Alpha Sigma 699), Kathy Romaszko (Alpha Sigma 720), Michael Salrin (Alpha Sigma 659 ), Anita Staron (Alpha Sigma 660),
Walter Staron
(Alpha Sigma 638), Raymond Traficante (Alpha Sigma 388)

Additionally, one of our primary ongoing commitments is the funding and management of the Memorial Scholarship

To learn more about Phi Delta Chi or the Alpha Sigma Collegiate Chapter, please follow the links provided above. For the current version of the Alumni Chapter Consitution, follow this link:

Alumni Chapter Constitution



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