The ICHP Amy Lodolce Mentorship Award

As most of you are aware, Amy Lodolce was a University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy faculty member who touched the lives of pharmacy students, residents, and colleagues through her passion for teaching and the profession of pharmacy. Throughout her time at the college, Amy oversaw the training of four PGY2 drug information pharmacy residents, all of whom are currently drug information faculty at various institutions. She worked directly with numerous PGY1 residents and APPE students during their drug information rotations. She also served as a formal mentor to her student advisees, and was the advisor of the Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity for many years. As the Assistant Director of the Drug Information Group, Amy served as an informal mentor to other faculty and was quick to help new faculty become
oriented and situated.

Amy approached being a leader and a mentor with an “open door” policy, and would selflessly pause her work to address others’ needs. Students, residents, and faculty would ask her for guidance with career decisions and other professional concerns. Amy was respectful and nonjudgmental in her approach when assisting others whose goals and aspirations may have been different from her own. Her dedication was exemplary in that she worked tirelessly to
provide residents and students with quality learning opportunities. She led and coached by example, consciously choosing behaviors that she hoped students and residents would emulate. As an active pharmacist member of ICHP, Amy placed emphasis on professional organization involvement and giving back to the profession. On August 31st, 2012, Amy passed away after a long illness, and this award has been created in her memory. Amy’s dedication and generosity to the profession of pharmacy have positively shaped many pharmacists’ careers, and the memory of her will continue to do so.
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The Amy Lodolce Mentorship Award

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The Alumni Chapter has included the name of Amy Lodolce as part of our
"In Memory" page on the WEB site. In this way her name will always live on in the hearts of her Phi Delta Chi Fraternity Brothers. A memorial scholarship is presented each year by the Alpha Sigma Alumni Association to aid and assist a third year pharmacy student entering the last year of Pharmacy school.

(NOTE: The first presentation of the Phi Delta Chi Memorial Scholarship took place at the College of Pharmacy, March - 2004)

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