With sorrow, I write about the loss of a brother, Joel Sivill. He was a 1970 graduate of the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy. Joel died, August 8, 1998 at the Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, Illinois after a cerebral vascular accident.

Joel's number one goal was to become a pharmacist and practice in the Watseka/ Kankakee area. And he did so for 28 years. At the time of Joel's death, he was the Director of Pharmacy at Iroquois Memorial Hospital in Watseka.

Early in Joel's pharmacy career, he was elected president of the Kankakee Valley Pharmaceutical Association (1974). He was a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association, the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association and an associate member of the Chicago Retail Druggist Association.

Joel had received numerous honors during his career, including the Silver Vision of Excellence Award from Iroquois Memorial Hospital in 1991. The award was given for his professional excellence and his demonstration of customer service.

Joel was born October 10, 1946 in Watseka, the son of Joe and Loraine Holland Sivill. He is survived by his wife, Julie Miller Sivill, and three sons, Jason R., Justin A., and James D. Sivill. His brother Jan L. Sivill who passed away in 2004 was Phi Delta Chi Brother and a member of the Alpha Sigma Alumni Chapter.

Joel was a member of the United Methodist Church of Milford. Services were held in Watseka, Illinois and grave side services were held at Maple Grove Cemetery in his home town of Milford, Illinois. There was a tremendous out pouring of support for his family following their loss.

Our sympathies go out to family and friends of Joel. Many of us knew him as a Brother and we also know that he was a brother to many outside the fraternity. Remember our motto "alterum alterius auxilio eget". In my heart I know that Joel lived by those words - each needs the help of the other.

The Alumni Chapter has included the name of Joel Sivill as part of our "In Memory" page on the WEB site. In this way his name will always live on in the hearts of his Phi Delta Chi Fraternity Brothers. A memorial scholarship is presented each year by the Alpha Sigma Alumni Association to aid and assist a third year pharmacy student entering the last year of Pharmacy school.

(NOTE: The first presentation of the Phi Delta Chi Memorial Scholarship took place at the College of Pharmacy, March - 2004)

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